WANdisco Fusion secures major contract through IBM partnership

WANdisco, a service provider of continuous availability software for global enterprises in order to satisfy areas of Big Data, has secured a binding agreement win by using a major automotive multinational through its OEM sales partnership with IBM.

The agreement will discover IBM deploy the Company’s patented cloud solution, WANdisco Fusion, rebranded as IBM Big Replicate, direct on the customer.

The agreement is priced at approximately $1m in royalties for being paid to WANdisco (with a base in Sheffield).

WANdisco Fusion, will probably be used to ensure customer stats are moved seamlessly between data centers and the cloud. It’s imperative place with virtually no downtime or disruption, and WANdisco Fusion could be the only solution capable of delivering this with continuously changing large data sets because the customer moves to self-driving cars, carrying out a major trend transforming the automotive industry.

This deal follows a lesser order which includes a major European bank that IBM closed for WANdisco in the OEM sales partnership in Q3 this season, after finalising the OEM deal with April 2016. On top of that, WANdisco now has completed joint website and has now trained over 5,000 quota carrying IBM reps, demonstrating true scale of this partnership.

David Richards, CEO and Interim Chairman of WANdisco, said: “Now you have an essential contract win for WANdisco which demonstrates our OEM partnership with IBM can do delivering significant value for the business. This agreement has long been secured because that WANdisco Fusion was really the only solution that will ensure complete data consistency without any downtime – which is constantly on the distinguish us from our competitors.

“Both WANdisco and IBM carry on and establish a significant pipeline of the latest career advancement.”

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